About the PSG CARE

The PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence was founded in October, 2015 by the PSG & Sons Charities Trust with a mission to promote teaching excellence in all the colleges under the Trust. Toward this end, CARE will encourage the use of learner-centric pedagogical practices that facilitate effective learning and will foster dialogue and reflection on effective teaching through workshops, seminars, one-to-one consultation and other activities. The center also focuses on creating and sustaining effective faculty student relationships and aims to pursue its mission by:

1. Helping educators at PSG to practice a learner-centric course design, innovative pedagogy and effective assessments so as to shift the focus of the teaching learning process from delivery of knowledge to facilitation of knowledge acquisition
2. Offering an effective one-to-one mentoring system to the faculty in various topics pertaining to learner-centric pedagogy and effective faculty student relationships.
3. Promoting the use of technology in the PSG classrooms and establishing an environment for effective use of technology in enhancing the teaching- learning process.
4. Helping faculty members assess the effectiveness of their teaching through appropriate student and peer feedback mechanisms
5. Encouraging research activities that enhance the quality of teaching at PSG and supporting dissemination of research findings about the teaching learning process.

About Conference (ICSICC)

The International Conference on Smart Systems for Integrated Computing and Communication (ICSICC) is a prestigious event that brings together researchers, academicians, professionals, and industry experts from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas on the latest advancements in smart systems, integrated computing, and communication technologies.

ICSICC provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to present their research findings, share insights, and collaborate on innovative solutions to real-world challenges. The conference typically features keynote speeches, technical paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, allowing participants to engage in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities.

By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange, ICSICC contributes to the advancement of smart systems and integrated computing technologies, addressing societal needs and driving innovation in various domains.

Overall, ICSICC serves as a premier forum for researchers and professionals to stay updated on the latest developments in smart systems and integrated computing, paving the way for a smarter and more connected future.

Important Dates

Events Dates
Last Paper Submission Date 30/08/2024
Acceptance Notification 05/10/2024
Deadline For Final Paper 20/10/2024
Conference Date 15/11/2024 &